NYFW Fall 2017 – Part 1

Hello Everyone!

I must apologize, the January snow-pocalyspe, the constant gloomy weather, my day job and other things I can use as excuses have kept me away from blog writing for the last month. It’s not always easy to keep up with extra-curriculars, and honestly I become a lazy unmotivated couch potato during the cold season. But time to get back into the swing of things! And what a better way to do that than to recap New York Fashion Week for Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear.

I believe fashion is the best form of personal expression. It’s fascinating to see how a designer’s collection can be influenced by anything from politics, pop culture and social justice issues, to region and nature, to shape, form or technology.  Everyone has their own opinions about Fashion Week and designer “Ready-to-Wear” collections. Some find the shows inspiring and innovative, some find them unrealistic and pretentious. Some designers are extremely avant-garde with their collections, others stay predictable and classic. But fashion is like art, it provokes thoughts and emotions. Every viewer will have a different reaction to the way a designer uses materials, color, styling, aesthetics, layering, accessories, etc. Those reactions are what drives fashion trends and influences what you will see on the floors of fast-fashion retailers (H&M, Forever 21, Zara) several months/years down the road. Ever seen the movie “The Devil Wears Prada?” Although the terminology is slightly different, Miranda Priestly’s (Meryl Streep) blue sweater monologue does a brilliant job of explaining this trickle-across fashion phenomenon (watch it here).

Okay, on to the fun stuff! After the first day of FW runway shows, I noted numerous commonalities among the collections. Now that the chaotic week is almost over, here are some huge trends we can expect to see on the sales floors this coming fall.


Velvet made a huge comeback in 2016, with no signs of downtrending for 2017. It exudes effortless-luxe with its fabulous sheen and soft aesthetic. Whether printed, crushed, or in a bold solid color, velvet was used this season on a multitude of silhouettes from drape-y red carpet gowns to strong pant suits, and everything in between. My favorite use of velvet this season can be seen in the first photo below, a pearly long-sleeved goddess gown by Tadashi Shoji.


Florals tend to show up in the market season after season, but almost every collection for Fall 17 included some type of flowery frock. Some were romantic & dainty, some loud & colorful, others were abstract & conceptual. I’m not usually one to gravitate towards girly florals – I very much enjoy when they are used in daring, unexpected ways, like in Moncler Grenoble’s ski collection, which pushes the boundaries of winter wear. Anna Sui took the trend to a different level by layering various floral patterns on top of each other and pairing the outfit with even more floral accessories. I think we can expect to see an overabundance of flowered garments in retailers very soon.


Did anyone else desperately want to grow up to be a Cheetah Girl as badly as I did? I may not have reached my fame aspirations, but that hasn’t stopped me from dressing like one of the pop stars. And thankfully, animal print is going everywhere except out of style for Fall 17. Used both sparingly by some and for entire outfits by others, spots of the big cats will be in full force this fall. Although many would find this ensemble chaotic, even possible distasteful, I commend Jeremy Scott for his intentional print-on-print look where he pairs soft leopard with floral paisley and statement Jesus pants (who doesn’t love a good pair of Jesus pants, especially on Gigi Hadad). Actually, a sub-trend of combining animal-print with other prints/textures in one garment or outfit is also obviously on the rise. Thank the fashion gods that I can continue to wear leopard print with confidence.


A trend I have yet to adopt myself, but one I may need to get behind this coming fall. Full-body trench coats in varying cuts, fabrics and colors swept the floor of many collections this week. Simple, classic designs from Michael Kors and Ryan Roche help make this coat silhouette very wearable, while much edgier designers showcased full fur and boldly-printed trenches that definitely turned heads (ps. why does Fetty Wap look so effin cool as a runway model?) In the future, if Portland winters continue to be as brisk, chilly and snowy as this year, I’ll need to invest in a fabulous floor-length coat so I can venture outside in style.

anddddd just for fun, here’s a few pics of what I WOULD have worn had I attended NYFW…. but apparently my invitation got lost in the mail…

Stay tuned for Part-2 review coming soon!

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