NYFW Fall 2017 – Part 2

Let’s just jump right into New York Fashion Week recap part 2!


From corduroy to denim, utilitarian to glamorous, the effortlessly stylish jumpsuit silhouette shows no signs of downtrending in the upcoming seasons. Although jumpsuits are commonly known for not being figure-flattering, the amount of design variations from designer to designer ironically make this piece work for any body type – it’s all about finding the right silhouette. Loose-fitting, baggy jumpsuits are comfortable, casual and easy to wear. They hide “problem” areas that you may not necessarily want showcased to the world, but throw a belt around the waist for a fitted, hourglass shape. My trouble with jumpsuits is my torso is long and my hips/thighs are thick as thieves, so finding one that fits it quite a challenging task. But I promise, once you find a jumpsuit you love, you’ll want to wear it forever. Here are some favorites from last week’s shows:


It’s not enough these days to use fur as a statement in its natural state – the new demand is for artificially-dyed treatment for a theatrical, costume-y vibe. This year you will see furs dyed all sorts of different ways, from solid neon hues to bold multi-colors. Although I find this trend to be completely fabulous, the use of real fur in high fashion couture goes against my morals and my deep-rooted love for animals, so I always pretend that these fabulous furry pieces are faux (many designers are on the same page about this as well, thank goodness). This trend may not be for everyone, but for those who are daring enough to try it out, the key is to just own it. Maybe try it with an all-black outfit so to be your statement piece. If you feel fabulous, the world will feel your fabulous-ness too.


Many designer’s collections showcased tops and dresses with asymmetrical cut-out necklines; a stylistic element I’ve seen little of in the market, but one I expect fast-fashion brands will run with in the coming months. It’s a fairly simple design change that makes a garment go from traditional to fashion-forward while being rather sassy and unexpected. Take a look at the examples below. The navy evening dress by Cushnie et Ochs exudes sensual sophistication due to the unique neckline cut-out and definitely draws the eye to a more erogenous zone on the body. We will see if this trend catches on, but I’m all for it!


Along with typical neutral colors that show up in every collection each season, there were several color trends we can expect to take off this fall. Cobalt, russet and various hues of yellow were very present among many of the collections, and I also noticed a number of designers styled entirely red-on-red outfits using contrasting materials or trims.

Cobalt – a brilliantly vibrant blue that is dramatic and communicates confidence. I love the use of the color on La Perla’s matching embroidered bralette & high-waisted pant, making the color very playful. Cobalt is also very striking when paired with hues of its contrasting color orange, as seen on Zadig & Voltaire’s slip-like printed dress.

Russet – a very muted tone of orangey-red that can almost resemble brown depending on how it is used. Russet will be a very popular color this coming fall, obviously fitting for the season, perfect for pants and warm winter coats (see Christian Siriano’s incredible fur-lined wrap coat below).

Yellow – a color that is not as commonly used in fashion due to its perceived unflattering tone. I must admit I don’t really like the color yellow much when it comes to my wardrobe, but the great thing about yellow is there’s a shade for every skin tone. Ranging from bright neon to sunflower, yellow hues are going to look great on flowy dresses and comfortable sweaters this fall.

Red on Red – you rarely see people wearing an entirely red ensemble, but this may change in the blink of an eye. Pairing bold hues of red with more muted tones seems to be gaining in popularity and this was especially present in Oscar de la Renta’s collection, where he combined a dimensional satin top with flat woven trousers to create a strong, attention-grabbing outfit. I love red pieces, but have never thought to mix and match similar red tones. I attempted to throw together an all-red outfit… think I can pull it off?


Well, that’s a wrap for NYFW! This was the first year I paid extra close attention to the collections, watching each runway show and scrolling through collection photos for similarities among the designers. I’m kind of obsessed now and extremely envious of the individuals who were able to attend the shows. Going to NYFW is now on my bucket list, perhaps in the future I’ll be able to blog about it while I am there, or maybe someday I’ll even be a part of a design team… You never know!


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