In the past I haven’t really made a list of New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s silly that right when January rolls around everyone’s like “new year, new me.” Like no, you aren’t any different than you were in December. Well, with that being said, I began a list a while back of things that … More #GOALS

2017 Year in Review

The emotional farewell of Obama and inauguration of Trump. The horrid mass shootings in Las Vegas and Texas. The tragic, disastrous fires in California and the Gorge in Oregon. Numerous devastating hurricanes, the Me Too movement, and the highly-anticipated but largely underwhelming Solar Eclipse – 2017 was a roller coaster of a year. But while … More 2017 Year in Review

White Christmas

I miss being a little girl on Christmas morning. I would wake my parents up at 6am with so much excitement and anticipation to open all the presents Santa left under the tree. That feels like only yesterday. Nowadays the holidays are quieter, a time to relax from the time off of work and spend … More White Christmas

2016 – A Look Back

What an unusual year it has been, one that I look back on with confusion. According to the internet and many popular social media accounts, 2016 has been dubbed as the worst year ever. The Friend Dog Studio team even made a horror film trailer based on all the terrible events that occurred throughout the … More 2016 – A Look Back