Balmain x H&M

    Nothing excites me more than finding an incredible deal on designer fashion. Thanks to Poshmark, I was able to score these stunning Balmain x H&M velvet pants for STEAL.


    Sleek in Sportswear

    Most people wake up & just ‘get dressed.’ I wake up and determine what I want my mood/vibe to be for the day, then go through quite a process of carefully curating an outfit. It’s not just something I do because I have to, it’s something I get a lot of enjoyment out of, something that gets me excited to take on the day. I love working for a company where I can dress up or dress down as much as I desire. Let’s be honest, fashion can be painful and it’s not everyday that I chose to be comfortable over being stylish and chic. But last week I put…


    Unapologetically Me

    Today is my one-year blogiversary! Big thank you to everyone who has read, liked, followed or interacted with my page in any way (also big shout out to my photographers!) – I’m so glad I decided to give blogging a shot! It’s been such a fun learning experience and I’m excited to see where it might lead to in the future. Earlier in the summer I was out with some friends for a girls night and wore an outfit which garnered a lot of attention. I was silly enough to not take any pictures that evening, but made a mental note to use it in one of my posts. So…


    Mixed Feelings

    Several years ago, Michael Kors showcased a collection of plaid + camo garments that I thought were horrid – I even tweeted about it, saying how plaid + camo should never be worn together. It’s funny how our ideas of something may change over time… I’ve never been a big fan of the camouflage trend. It always reminded me of the army or hunting culture, which is a lifestyle I don’t particularly like to associate myself with. That being said, camo has become a neutral in the fashion world, a classic print like stripes or polka dots that doesn’t really go out of style. It keeps popping up in the…


    Rompin' Around

    Who else doesn’t want summer to end? Although I kind of wilt in this 90+ degree weather we’ve been getting frequently in Portland, I love when it’s still warm well through the month of September and into the early weeks of October. Summer clothing is my favorite; I get a little melancholy when it becomes time to trade my crop tops, shorts and sandals for bulky sweaters, long pants and rain boots. But looking at the upcoming forecast, summer is sticking around for a while longer. Woo hoo! During the warmer season, I take full advantage of breaking out silhouettes that I can’t really wear in the fall/winter. One piece…


    Bringing Back the Bodysuit

    Who’s excited for the solar eclipse?? For all my readers & followers in Portland, it’s going to be insane attempting to travel or drive anywhere on Monday August 21st – an expected extra million people are supposed to be in the state of Oregon from all over the world to view this spectacular phenomenon. So grab your safety-glasses and work from home that day (if you can) to avoid the madness. Speaking of madness… If you haven’t already noticed, bodysuits have made a huge comeback in the last few years, re-entering the fashion scene since their popular debut in the 80s. The simple garment has been redesigned by countless brands…


    The Mesh Movement

    Mesh garments are all the rage right now. I remember about a year ago I was in Urban Outfitters and tried on a sheer mesh top for the first time. Maybe it was the dim lighting in that dressing room or the strange cut of the shirt on my body, but I wasn’t completely sold on the style and passed on the purchase. But since that day the transparent trend has haunted me, showing up uninvited in my fashion dreams and on my Instagram feed. It was about time I gave it another go. You’ll see mesh garments make a strong appearance in several of my next posts. It was…


    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango? Recently someone asked me “how would you describe your personal style?” and I thought hmm… I’m kind of all over the place. Generally I would say I’m trendy, a little edgy, sometimes glamarous and I love color. I like to try to push the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable when it comes to fashion and I’m not afraid to try new things. But it’s hard to say I fall into one fashion classification – in fact I tend to mix different pieces from various styles to create my very own classification (after all, I am part of the slash generation). With that being…