#Pinknic in Central Park

    While in NYC on work travel, I attended a networking #Pinknic with fellow Boss Babes & Bloggers. See what I threw together (last minute!) to fit the theme of the event, plus gorgeous photos from the eventful afternoon in Central Park.

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    2017 was a whirlwind, and I've got some serious goals to make 2018 MY YEAR. I get personal and a little vulnerable with this one, but it's worth the read.


    Unapologetically Me

    Today is my one-year blogiversary! Big thank you to everyone who has read, liked, followed or interacted with my page in any way (also big shout out to my photographers!) – I’m so glad I decided to give blogging a shot! It’s been such a fun learning experience and I’m excited to see where it might lead to in the future. Earlier in the summer I was out with some friends for a girls night and wore an outfit which garnered a lot of attention. I was silly enough to not take any pictures that evening, but made a mental note to use it in one of my posts. So…


    The Mesh Movement

    Mesh garments are all the rage right now. I remember about a year ago I was in Urban Outfitters and tried on a sheer mesh top for the first time. Maybe it was the dim lighting in that dressing room or the strange cut of the shirt on my body, but I wasn’t completely sold on the style and passed on the purchase. But since that day the transparent trend has haunted me, showing up uninvited in my fashion dreams and on my Instagram feed. It was about time I gave it another go. You’ll see mesh garments make a strong appearance in several of my next posts. It was…


    Romwe Review & The Power of Advertisements

    How many times have you been browsing the web when an ad pops up on the side bar and, for some reason, you decide to click it? Well that happened to me several weeks ago. The ad that appeared featured the most adorable floral bralette for only $6.99, so I fell into temptation and went to the site (www.Romwe.com). That’s where I was drawn in even more. I’m a sucker for a fast-fashion deal. Yeah, it might mean that the products are cheap but that’s to be expected. Before I knew it, I had a shopping cart full of 25 items, with a grand total under $200. Romwe.com is one…


    The Magic Jacket

    It’s about time I wrote a blog post about my show-stopping metallic rose gold moto-style jacket. Other than my last post about the Phillip Plein sweater, this jacket is one of my best retail steals to date. Back in February, I visited Seattle with a few coworkers for “Retail Exploration Day,” where we perused high-end brick & mortar stores in search of the latest fashion trends. Seattle has a much more diverse and trendy retail scene than Portland and is the only city in the Pacific Northwest that’s home to my most favorite brand, Zara (although, there’s a rumor that Zara is coming to downtown Portland winter 2017, fingers crossed).…

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    Happy Festivus!

    Growing up, Christmastime was always my favorite time of the year… school was out for winter break, holiday parties were in full-swing, our house was so beautifully decorated with festive lights and a perfect tree and the countdown to Christmas Day was much anticipated. This year Christmas kind of snuck up on me and my usual holiday anticipation has been minimal, but I am looking forward to spending much-needed quality time with my parents & my dog, and recharging for the new year. I wish I still had that exuberant Christmas spirit from when I was young, but that’s unrealistic as I grow older and become less naïve. When I…