Best Walls in Portland, OR.

    Being a PDX native, I’ve seen Portland street art blossom into an expectation around every corner. New murals are constantly popping up throughout this artsy city, and I’ve wandered around and compiled a list of the best [Instagrammable] walls in PDX.


    White Christmas

    The snow in PDX almost stopped our Christmas Eve dinner from happening! But we ended up having a wonderful holiday. See the cozy, comfortable outfit I wore while hosting my very first Christmas Eve in my apartment with my family.


    Unapologetically Me

    Today is my one-year blogiversary! Big thank you to everyone who has read, liked, followed or interacted with my page in any way (also big shout out to my photographers!) – I’m so glad I decided to give blogging a shot! It’s been such a fun learning experience and I’m excited to see where it might lead to in the future. Earlier in the summer I was out with some friends for a girls night and wore an outfit which garnered a lot of attention. I was silly enough to not take any pictures that evening, but made a mental note to use it in one of my posts. So…


    Second-Hand Steal or Killer Knockoff

    Sometimes you stumble upon the greatest fashion finds when you’re not even looking. Last Saturday I visited the Buffalo Exchange on Burnside in downtown Portland, in search of a Hawaiian shirt for a party. For some reason I was drawn to the men’s section and quickly found a shirt that fit the part. As I was waiting for a friend, I continued to aimlessly sift through the men’s racks when this incredible crew neck sweater caught my eye. I pulled it out and looked at the price tag – $20. ‘Not too bad for such a cool sweater’ I thought. But then I noticed the brand label. My mouth dropped. PHILIPP…


    3.26 – Air Max Day

    Sometimes, I can be sporty. As many of you may already know, I love to dress up. But dressing up all the time takes a lot of effort and energy. Some days, I just want to be comfortable and casual, especially at work. I feel fortunate that I work for a company that allows me to rock a pair of joggers and some flashy sneakers at the office. And speaking of flashy kicks, today is 3/26/17: it’s Air Max Day! Not only that, but it’s the 30th anniversary of Nike launching it’s first Air Max shoe back in 1987. The Air Max is an iconic style of Nike footwear that has grown…