White Christmas

    The snow in PDX almost stopped our Christmas Eve dinner from happening! But we ended up having a wonderful holiday. See the cozy, comfortable outfit I wore while hosting my very first Christmas Eve in my apartment with my family.

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    Happy Festivus!

    Growing up, Christmastime was always my favorite time of the yearโ€ฆ school was out for winter break, holiday parties were in full-swing, our house was so beautifully decorated with festive lights and a perfect tree and the countdown to Christmas Day was much anticipated. This year Christmas kind of snuck up on me and my usual holiday anticipation has been minimal, but I am looking forward to spending much-needed quality time with my parents & my dog, and recharging for the new year. I wish I still had that exuberant Christmas spirit from when I was young, but thatโ€™s unrealistic as I grow older and become less naรฏve. When I…